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If you intend to show you’re an excellent casino poker player, you do not must battle against the greatest. No one actually cares if you ever before bluffed Phil Ivey or even obtained Daniel Negreanu to make an unsatisfactory call. You’re at the table for the money, not accounts of conquest. A regimented gamer, one that’s betting the ideal factors, prefer to rest along with the worst, those he is actually sure to upset. He is actually searching for donkeys and also contributors. He is actually seeking fish. In Hunting Fish author Jay Greenspan prepares out on a cross-country travel from Connecticut to Los Angeles trying to find players he can easily outclass. In gambling establishments, below ground clubs and also house activities throughout the nation, Jay shared tables with the absolute most inefficient casino players America must provide. In South Carolina he removed some racial-epithet-spewing excellent ole children, in Houston he fleeced the nation club collection and in Vegas he merrily pummelled inebriated tourists. Searching Fish is actually, nonetheless, certainly not merely the story of a hustler’s trips. In addition to wooling chumps, Jay was actually enticed he could beat the best as well as create it as a full-time pro. This excursion offered him the option to construct his stake to the point where he could assess his nerve in high-stakes activities when he got to Los Angeles. Although to play in the high-limit spaces at Commerce Casino he needed to have a constant nerve – as well as a fatter money. In his 3 months while driving, he needed to lodging his roll along with an additional twenty 1000 dollars. That’s a ton of fish to pursuit. 240 Pgs. 2006 Hardcover


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